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V A L K E . presents




‘10/1-TENONE LABEL NIGHT’ is a monthly podcast series created by Berlin-based DJ and producer V A L K E .His concept brings the listener on a creative journey across artists, labels and their beats. Each podcast features hand-picked releases from an individual label, from the time of launch until the present day.


The project was spurred by V A L K E .’s passion for diverse genres and desire to expand musical horizons. Thus, 10/1 - TENONE LABEL NIGHT came into existence as a platform to showcase tracks that don’t make the cut in his DJ sets from labels that aren’t normally on his radar, but that deserve exposure.As a testament to V A L K E .’s heartfelt support for each label’s efforts, all the podcasts include a full track listing.



10/1 - TENONE LABEL NIGHT presents:


10 tracks released by one specific label, produced by a series of artists.


1 closing ghost track from an undisclosed label that serves as a teaser to the forthcoming podcast, where it will also be featured as the opening track.


10/1podcasts are conceived also based on the upcoming TENONE episode, so playing them sequentially results in an ongoing, kaleidoscopic set.





V A L K E . was born in a big Sicilian-German family. As a child, he discovered a broken pile of old, dusty shellac records in the attic – except one that wasn't destroyed. No cover, no label, just a black shellac record. After he played it, the disc fell out of his clumsy little hands, breaking at his feet. These sounds still live on in him today, leading him to attempt at shaping and reproducing them musically via his productions, live and DJ sets. His early taste in electronic music was influenced by his siblings, who were part of the wave scene, before he was drawn to the techno scene from 1994 until the present day.
Three years ago he started operating under a new alias, and thus V A L K E . was born. His sound cannot be put into a box: it is as diverse as life’s impressions –recorded, filtered and shared with other humans. His video productions are filled with political themes and hold a mirror up to the simple and universal experiences that shape life.


“Listen to the beat inside of you,


Ich bin V A L K E .”

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